A one-of-a-kind (OOAK) is just what it is something which has been handmade or altered so that there is only one like it. When buying one of these items you can be sure that you will be the only person in the world with one exactly like it. This makes it idea as a gift for someone special...or a treat for yourself!

The things I make are many and varied, and as such it is difficult to give a standard description. One thing that is true of most of my OOAK items is that I use alot of recycled materials (the same goes when I am packing your items for their journey to you). Not only is this good for our environment, but it also helps to keep the costs down...which is good for anyone who wishes to bid for or buy my items. I will always state in my description of the item whether it is made up of only new materials, or which parts are pre-worn or recycled.

Clothes I make generally use a bought piece of clothing as a base, which I add to and alter to make an OOAK finished item. I am self taught so each new piece I make is an exciting adventure, and helps me learn more. At the moment I hand sew everything, though in the future I may invest in a sewing machine to speed up the process.

Most of what I make is gothic, fantasy or punk in nature, I have even made a couple of costume before, including a copy of an Arwen dress from 'Return of the King', and a copy of a dress worn by Queen Amidala from 'The Phantom Menace'.

Dolls and teddies are mainly pre-loved toys, which are cleaned, dressed and decorated to make them a bit more interesting, and again OOAK.

Past transformations include ragdoll to goth chick, teddy to vampire, and teddy to punk (as shown in the gallery)
I hope to make more of this kind of item to offer in the future.

Most of my OOAK items go onto ebay for auction as it gives them a much wider audience than my website can. If you wish to be informed when my next OOAK item comes up for sale then please register in my online shop and sign up for my newsletter, or add cutencreepy to your favourite sellers on ebay.

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